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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dee-1 Criticized for Lupe Fiasco & Big K.R.I.T. Feature on 'Against Us Remix'

Dee-1 spoke to Rapzilla about the “Against Us Remix,” collaborating, and receiving criticism for working with non-Christian artists.

The emcee said every collaboration is built out of “friendship.” He said the industry hook up stuff was not for him, and he rather deal on a personal level.

He said Lupe Fiasco views him as a little brother and has been to house in New Orleans. “he’s done stuff for me that I’d rather not say on camera.”

Watch the interview below: 

The “Against Us Remix” brought “humanity” to the record because the relationships are real.

“I don’t allow anyone to get on my tracks to do anything sacrilegious or with vulgarity,” Dee-1 said. If he works with an artist, they respect him.

He said he knew the video would go viral, and was glad God put His hand on spreading the message out.

Watch the video below:

Dee-1 said that he “doesn’t do music just for Christians…not because I don’t want to.” He feels God has called him to be a “musical missionary” to spread “mission vision” to everyone who needs it.

He said people accuse him of not being Christian enough which could not be further from the truth.

“I’m doing concerts in churches and the next day, concerts in the hood…that’s where God has me right now.”

Watch the interview below:

Credits to Rapzilla