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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Eminem Disses NF On ‘Kamikaze’ Track “The Ringer”

Eminem dropped a surprise album at midnight called Kamikaze and the emcee returned to form by dissing everyone in site. This includes NF. So, Eminem disses NF on “The Ringer?” Let’s discuss.

Eminem Diss NF***UPDATE AT BOTTOM***

After taking shots at Lil Yachty, Lil Pump, and trap rap Em says this:

It’ll help me get back to myself and she’ll love me (ooh-ooh)

I mailed the b**** back and said if I did that

I’d just be like everyone else in the f****** industry

Especially aN eFFing Recovery clone of me”

Now say that last line slowly…an effing Recovery clone. NF-ing Recovery clone. You may think this is a reach, but Em has no trouble dropping F-bombs so why say “effing” here? Also, in the ad-lib, he says “N-Fing, ha.” Someone as skilled in rhyme and as precise as him knows exactly what he’s doing.

Recovery was Eminem’s huge come back into relevance after mixed reviews of Relapse. The album that featured smash hit “Not Afraid” did cause a slew of similar-sounding fast flow aggressive rappers. A few years later, enter NF. His biggest criticism is he sounds like Eminem. It appears Shady thinks he does too.

But hey, if you’re being dissed by Eminem, you made it right? If this is true (it probably is), he would be the second Christian (rapper who is a Christian) rapper to be called out after KJ-52.

KJ famously or infamously penned the tracks “Dear Slim” and “Dear Slim 2” in the early 2000s. In the tracks, he encouraged Eminem and said he was praying for him. KJ used to get a lot of grief from people saying he was biting Eminem. Ironically, now they say he’s biting NF. Regardless, KJ believes Em addresses this in his song “Be Careful What You Wish For” on Relapse. Here are some of the lines:

“I got a letter from a fan, that said/ He’s been praying for me every day and for some reason/

It’s been weighing on my mind heavy/ ‘Cause I don’t read every/ Letter I get, but something told me to go ahead and open it, but/

Why would someone pray for you when they don’t know you?/ You didn’t pray for me when I was local/ And as I lay these vocals I think of all the sh** I had to go through/

Just to get to where I’m at/ I’ve already told you at least/ A thousand times in these rhymes/ I appreciate the prayer, but I’ve already got/ God on my side”