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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Loso Stars In Attack Of The Clones For Latest Battle

LosoBullpen Battle League recently released the main event which saw Loso go head to head with Clone, a fellow “Bull” that’s been making noise in the Atlanta based league. Taking place this past July at Bullpen’s Southern Crown 3 event, this clash of pens was sure to be one to keep an eye out for. Clone, who pulled a rabbit out of his hat against the declining veteran B-Magic, has been on the path to becoming a fan favorite in the pen. So how did the match up go?

Clone started off the battle with a decent first round that didn’t have many quotables or room shakers. Loso responded out the gate with a mean rebuttal, followed by a weatherman scheme that would have you believe the Horsemen was channeling his inner Al Roker. The rest of the round was easily dominated by Loso. At the present time, the Imaginary Gun Bar King is miles ahead of the rest of his pen-mates. It is more evident with each time he is matched up with an opponent from his home league.

Clone bounced back with his performance in the second. He came back with the energy that he was lacking in the first. A lot of his material was hitting with the crowd. Even bringing Loso’s fellow Horsemen, stood on stage in solidarity, to laughter at times. This was his best round and the only round that I can see people debating on. Loso’s second was phenomenally performed with crowd control that reflects his growing status as one of the most entertaining writers in battle rap. This was probably one of his funniest rounds on camera.

Clone closed out his rounds with a solid third, aiming for a W in the third round. However, that was denied with a big ole Matumbo finger wave. Loso’s third was super dope and creative, and I honestly don’t want to spoil it for you.

In the end, Loso walks away with the clean 3-0, remaining undefeated on the Bullpen Stage and arguably undefeated overall. This battle was a display of how far along the Horseman has grown as a battle-tested emcee. Honestly, the only person in the Pen that can give him problems right now is League owner, John John Da Don. My only issue with this battle? Nobody had any Michael Keaton/ Multiplicity bars. Sad face indeed.

Watch Loso Below (Warning, Adult Language):